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Revised version Apr 2024

Dissatisfaction with the neo-Darwinian model of evolution is being increasingly and openly expressed in academic and popular literature, and a diversity of thinkers and writers continue to assert that evolutionary ‘science’ is far from philosophy-free.  The traditional origins debate between Darwinian evolution and Genesis Creation is familiar but ever divisive, leading many into seeking more expansive and harmonious ways of understanding the existence of life.  Those who put ultimate faith in ‘pure science’ fail to appreciate that the scientific method is itself founded upon certain philosophical assumptions, that material science cannot investigate the metaphysical, and that the application of science and technology does not always point in the direction of enlightenment.  Faith in the ‘power’ of natural selection has also reached delusional proportions, and the Darwinian evolutionary worldview has seeded a degrading and nihilistic perspective on humanity.  A more positive, fulfilling, and realistic comprehension of the living world is offered by the creationary synthesis.

Topics: Preface – The Evolutionary World View – No Controversy? – Evolution versus Creation: A False Dilemma – Philosophy Before science – A Balanced View of science – Natural Selection: The Explanation that Explains Very Little – What Does ‘Life Without Evolution’ mean? – The Creationary Synthesis.

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